“The Performatory concept is about performing together and evolving as a person and as a society by connecting education, research & communities in our lively laboratories.”


You might ask: ‘Who are these people?’ ‘
We are called: ‘Performatory’. It is a place and a way of living. A lifestyle, if you wish. A view on things… You could call us a community, but we think that’s just a ‘buzzword’.
We prefer friends or family instead. A family of Social Innovators.


Our track is about Social Innovation. We learn how to improve social interaction between people in such a way that they embrace or come up with new ideas, perspectives or solutions. Innovations that change the world we live in. As a Social Innovator you connect people and organizations around cer- tain topics. You facilitate processes of co-designing and co-creating.


We believe the world needs you and us to evolve.
Become an adventurous artist. Act like an imaginative warrior. Design tomorrow. Show the courage to change the game.
Add to the quality of life of all, funky rebel! /WHYNOT

The Performatory concept is about performing together and evolving as a person and as a society by connecting education, research & communities in our lively

Students, Alumni, Experts, Industry work together collaboratively.

Our education is co-creative and each educational activity inclu- des at least three of the following: students, industry, alumni, experts.
On the basis of equality and in an open learning environment, all par- ties provide input on the basis of recent insights into innovative soluti- ons for complex problems. We use a variety of working methods adjusted to the development of students and their personal learning styles.

We convert what we do into new, practice-based knowledge. The focus of our research is on action research and applying design research tools. We want to share our research findings with the universe.

Together we build a close-knit egalitarian community whose members jointly contribute to a better world. We offer an interactive environment for interlinked stakeholders where new possibilities can emerge. By offering Programs & Events Research & Shareables Incubator & network And the space to start Projects & Start-ups the Performatory community wants to add to the quality of life all around the world!


Recall the time when people drove around the Netherlands to help companies with their chal- lenging question? Yeah, we did that. An event about identity and perspective? Yep, it was us. That time there was a hackathon that lasted three days? No kidding, we were that too. Sounds arrogant? Might do, but we did all tho- se things.
You might ask: ‘Who are those people?’ ‘Game changers?’
‘Creative minds?’
Why give them a name?/WHYNOT

Daring Designer

The one that designs our lives. For all our sakes. Doing things better, by whatever means. Quick and dirty, persuasive and flirty. 

Be daring /WHYNOT

Funky Rebel

Who does the things most of us are scared to do. Scream and shout, so others will do so too. Gently push boundaries further and further. To make tomorrow an even more outrageous day. 

Be funky /WHYNOT

Courageos Gamechanger

One that goes against the odds. A performer that changes the way we see things. Who is audacious and explores the world. Why be a follower if you can change the world?

Be courageous /WHYNOT

Adventurous Artist

The one that experiments with various media and techniques. Who is inspired by exciting patterns in nature and cityscapes. Daring the pursue one’s own path off the beaten track. Painting our unknown journey.

Be adventurous /WHYNOT

Imaginative Warrior

Who brings a creative mindset to the battle field. Who tries to rid the world of too much structure. Who breaks hierarchy. Bringing power back to the people. By meaning and transformation. 

Be imaginative /WHYNOT


Are you a funky rebel, an adventures artist, an imaginative warrior, a daring designer or a courageous game changer?
You can apply here for the new schoolyear starting September 2019.