Experience IT day

We are experience designers.
We train ourselves to become inspiring and meaningful. Today we opened our perspectives and looked through the eyes of an experience-theatre developer. A different perspective, a different education and a different expertise, but that made it so valuable to learn from each other. During this theme day we thought about the following questions: ‘how can you stimulate people to think?’ ‘How can you trigger imagination?’ and ‘how can you make people immerse in a story while keeping an open space for own interpretation?’

During this day
During this day we get inspired by the theatre play about a hotel room, where people were in several rooms without anything. In the video you see all the rooms by a helicopter view. There you see that everybody does the same thing and that we behave quite similar as our neighbours. We are so close, but still we are not connected to them. Besides, there was an example about a walk in nature. Where you had to walk in silence through a nature path with different assignments and cards on it which completed the experience in a whole. All senses were triggered, taste, smell, hearing, see and feel. The essence of this walk was to realize and to feel how much we do care about the beauty of our nature. So, designing the environment and by putting the visitors, people, consumers on the stage while triggering their senses, also a different state of mind and a movement within their heads could arise. A golden rule in experience theatre is leaving room for interpretation, that is how you can make it personal. We as experience Designers are aware that every person has its own backpack with previous experiences. These experiences go way back. Experience we learnt from our parents, family, teachers or friends. But we also can associate certain moments to precious experiences where different emotions are involved. So, what for one person could be a happy experience, could be a sad experience for someone else. Today we learn that you must embrace this diversity and these differences. Because if you can touch these experiences with your story, you will get to the most deepening places of people’s souls, with the effect that they will remember the story longer of even will change their behaviour and meaning towards their previous experience after your story.

In the afternoon we stepped into our own district to see and experience what was happening there. We look through the eyes of the citizens who live there to understand how they feel and how they experience their neighbourhood.

We as experience designers, stage makers, design thinkers and meaning makers can make people be immersed in an experience. We are there to touch the heart and soul of people to create a transformative experience which keeps in the head of the people. It stimulates thinking, it triggers change and it evokes curiosity for the future.