The Performatory believes in stimulating authentic and creative stories of Courageous Game Changers, Adventurous Artists, Curious Designers, Funky Rebels, Disruptive Creators and Imaginative Warriors. We do this by providing a dynamic platform in which these professionals can flourish in the field of Social Innovation. We give professionals a voice, an opportunity to tell the world what drives them, which interests they have and what plans or goals they have for the near future. They will get a chance to share their research regarding a certain challenge, domain or interest and how the outcome can be transformative for the future.

What’s /NEXT?

On January 17, the Performatory /TALKS will give the stage to eleven Social Innovators. And guess what? You can join the live recordings from 10:45 till 15:30. Pretty cool huh? The recordings will take place in ‘The Blackbox’ located at Archimedesstraat 17 in Breda. Be sure to sign up by sending an email to, as there are only 50 seats available!

Tom HarmsPicture by Lieke Kuijper © Performatory /TALKS 2018

What are the /TALKS

Upcoming /SPEAKERS

Emma Boerekamps
Emma BoerekampsSocial Entrepreneurship
“Build your business around being the most helpful to the world and don’t ever forget why you started giving back.”
Eva Rietveld
Eva RietveldIdentity
“Me, myself and I.”
Tom Harms
Tom HarmsEducation and choices
“I believe that we have to guide students and teenagers in important choice processes in education.”
Eline Ouwens
Eline OuwensSocial surfing
“Don’t let earth become a habit”.
Kirsten Schut
Kirsten SchutLearning from children
“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
Juultje van Dongen
Juultje van DongenSustainable society
“The biggest threat to our earth is that we believe someone else will save it.”
Jovita Steeman
Jovita SteemanHorses' communication
“Nature is full of pure knowledge, why live in our own pattern if we can learn from and with it.”
Kimberlee Rosina
Kimberlee RosinaEducation in Curacao
“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill but the willingness to learn is a choice.”
Bart van der Peijl
Bart van der PeijlThe idea behind music
“I have a therapist. His name is music.”
Estelle Nduwimana
Estelle NduwimanaIntegration
“It is all about checking boxes.”
Kelsey van Os
Kelsey van OsPhilosophy of happiness
“I take happiness very seriously, it is a creed, a philosophy and an objective.”
Roos Haanappel
Roos HaanappelCriminals back into society

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